I am Irvin Lim.

I make pretty and functional things on the web.


I am Irvin, currently a 23 year-old Computer Science undergraduate at the National University of Singapore.

I first started coding at the age of 10, when I stumbled upon a HTML book in the library, which officially started my journey into all things geeky. I love solving problems and I feel extremely satisfied with making things work, and I won't stop until I find a perfect solution to a problem.

I had mainly always been specialising in frontend web development, but I have recently been dabbling around with various backend technologies, including REST APIs, Telegram bots, systems administration on Linux, AWS, Docker and other DevOps tools. I have designed and built various websites and web applications for coursework in school as well as for various clients during my freelance days before college. You can see some of my work under my portfolio.

My current interests include learning about automation through DevOps, data pipelines and ethical hacking. I keep track of my interests and skills through both my blog as well as the interests page.

For a copy of my resume, click here.

To contact me for hire or general enquiries, you can find contact options at the bottom of the page.