I am Irvin Lim.

CS3216 Week 5

Oops, forgotten to post last week, so I’ll post two posts this week! I’ll be writing on stuff that happened last week in this post.

Phew, Assignment 1 was over not too long ago, and I was spending most of my time last week catching up on my other modules >< It’s really tougher than I thought, and I still thought that I would have at least some breathing space (but nope). Taking this module really teaches me so many different things, such as not to have too much in your plate for your own good. Apart from studies, I had been busy with CCA EXCO commitments for the past month, and it’s quite exhilarating to live life on the edge every single day >:D

Also, my team for Assignment 3 discussed a few ideas last week, and we eventually decided on an app like a location-based Snapchat, which focuses on displaying the current happenings around the user. Posts (called Happs) would disappear after 24 hours, or can be tagged to one of the ongoing events happening around the user. Like Snapchat, we aim to make the interface simple but yet not restrictive, so we allow text and/or an image, along with an emoji that accurately sums up the sentiment of the post, that’s it.

For this assignment, I’m now the frontend guy + designer, which is vastly different from my role as a backend dev for Assignment 1. Over the course of the week(end), I’ve been messing around with Sketch (as well as installing Hackintosh on my PC so that I can even install Sketch >_>) and coming up with mockups for the app! It was a new experience, doing something that I’m not used to, but it was definitely a good experience having to pick up new software and roles within a tight deadline. Here’s what I came up with:

Click on the dots at the bottom right to navigate screens.

I’m pretty happy at what I’ve come up with, and I look forward to implementing this using React and Material-UI :D