I am Irvin Lim.


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Production Engineer Intern

Facebook - Menlo Park, CA

May 2019 - Present

Software Engineering Intern, Platform Engineering Group

Shopee Singapore

May 2018 - Oct 2018

{“SMTP Gateway”=>”Rewrote an email gateway backed with Kafka that processes up to 4 million emails a day tosupport exactly-once semantics, load balanced consumer groups, and high availability of workers.”}

{“Runonce”=>”Developed a cron job container scheduler for Apache Mesos, REST API, and Rundeck plugin.”}

{“Bromo”=>”Designed and developed a service scheduler for Apache Mesos that supports pluggable deploymentstrategies and node assignment policies, designed to support over 300,000 containers across all datacenters.”}

{“Private DNS”=>”Implemented performance and reliability improvements to Shopee’s private DNS server, used by allcontainers for service discovery.”}

{“OAuth2 Proxy”=>”Implemented role-based access control (RBAC) in Shopee’s internal OAuth2 proxy, segregatinguser permissions by roles and projects for various services and platforms.”}

{“Deployment Tools”=>”Worked on various tooling used by all Shopee engineers, PMs and release managers, such ascontainer init entrypoints, internal CLIs, Jenkins, Rundeck, etc.”}

Associate Web Security Developer

Banff Cyber Technologies

May 2017 - Nov 2017

Banff Cyber Technologies is a Singapore-based cybersecurity start-up which provides web security solutions for enterprises and small businesses alike. In my 6-month stint at the company, my main focus was on the WebOrion Business SaaS Web Application Firewall (WAF).

I developed the WAF Research Network, a complete framework in Node.js, PHP and Docker, for deploying, writing and running automated false positive and false negative tests against web application firewalls, with a set of almost 250 comprehensive WAF tests in various categories such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting and inclusion attacks. This included tests against popular web applications such as WordPress and OpenCart.

I was also involved in planning the architecture for the next version of the WebOrion WAF, utilising various Amazon Web Services (AWS) such as SNS and Lambda, taking into account various considerations such as costs, capabilities, ease of development and latency of configuration updates. This was followed with implementing a multi-tenant WAF proxy using various technologies such as Docker and OpenResty. I also implemented auto scaling and load balancing on AWS, for better fault tolerance, higher availability and reduced operational costs, for the WAF proxy to manage sudden surges in traffic.

Finally, I implemented the various REST API endpoints and controllers on Laravel that would manage and update each WAF instance’s configuration on a per-domain basis almost instantly, as well as the UI for the admin portal that would consume this API on Vue.js.

Apart from development, I was also involved in performing competitive analysis of costs, price plans and features of the WebOrion Security Platform with that of competitors, which culminated in working with the CEO to launch new and more competitive price plans in line with the company’s strategy.

Full-Stack Web Developer (React, Node.js, PHP)

Geektronics Solutions

Dec 2016 - Apr 2017

Working with Geektronics, we were commissioned by Fei Siong Group to revamp their point-of-sales (POS) systems used in over 150 outlets islandwide. Together with another backend developer, we were in charge of delivering a REST API to be used by the POS system, an admin backend for managing the data, as well as generating PDF and CSV reports based on transactional data. My role was to develop a React UI for the admin backend, design API endpoints, as well as to develop the report generators in PHP.

Full-Stack Web Developer

E8 Pte Ltd

Mar 2015 - Jul 2015

I developed a document management system that was used internally within the company. Since the client required various custom features not found in popular solutions already available, I wrote the system from scratch in PHP. Examples of such features include many-to-many document categorisation, fine-grained access control, version control, metadata tagging, user management and LDAP integration.

Freelance WordPress Developer

Tickled Media

Jan 2013 - Apr 2013

Tickled Media is an online content and community platform for parents in Asia, and runs theAsianParent.com, the largest parenting portal in Southeast Asia. I was in charge of improving two other of their websites, providing ad-hoc support, implementing features, page load optimisation as well as SEO.


National University of Singapore

Bachelor of Computing (Honours) in Computer Science

Aug 2015 - Present

Currently under the Concurrent Degree Programme with Brown University in Computer Science. Current CAP: 4.66.

Awards and Scholarships

Finalist - CrossCTF 2017

SMU Whitehat Society and NUS Greyhats

May 2017

IDEa$ Challenge 2017

Engineering Design and Innovation Centre, Faculty of Engineering, NUS

Feb 2017

National Infocomm Scholarship

Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA)

Aug 2015